SenpuuJin ~ Storm Megazord
Origin Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger (2002)
Alias Storm Megazord
Type Robot
Role Summon
Home World Earth
Weapon Leon Ripcord, Sword Slasher
Attribute Wind
Status Active
SenpuuJin is the giant robot of the Hurricanegers. It summons the Karakuri Balls, which contain special weapons, and can transform into a sleeker, faster mode called SenpuuJin Hurrier for 60 seconds every battle.


  • Hurricane Hawk- Hurricane Red's Shinobi Machine, which forms SenpuuJin's head.
  • Hurricane Dolphin- Hurricane Blue's Shinobi Machine, which forms SenpuuJin's right arm.
  • Hurricane Leon- Hurricane Yellow's Shinobi Machine, which forms SenpuuJin's body, legs, and left arm.

Karakuri Balls

  • #1 Sword Slasher- SenpuuJin's primary weapon.
  • #2 Goat Crusher-
  • #3 Tortoise Hammer-
  • Goat Hammer- Combination of Goat Crusher and Tortoise Hammer.
  • #5 Gatling Leo-
  • #6 Squid Attacker-
  • Gatling Attacker- Combination of Gatling Leo and Squid Attacker.

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