• Your luck has run out.
  • Have you said your goodbyes?
  • Prepare for your end.
  • This... is... NOTHING!
—when low on HP
  • Never let down your guard, even against an injured foe.
—when low on HP
  • I'm... almost impressed.
—when opponent is stronger
  • Your arrogance will be your demise.
—when opponent is stronger
  • The weak should stay off the battlefield.
—when opponent is weaker
  • I show mercy to none.
—when opponent is weaker

Character specific encounters

  • I don't truly want to fight you. But you're the hero of this story, and I'm cast in the role of the villain. Such is the part I must play...
  • You cannot shirk your responsibilities, Nathaniel, nor can you escape your past. I'm bringing you back to Soul Society, one way or another.
  • I've never encountered a soul filled with such light...
  • I can feel your anguish, even from here. Shall I end your misery, or will you fight your sorrow?"
  • Such power...! That madness in your eyes... Are you... What are you?
  • Your experimentation must end today.
  • So, I must defeat myself once more.
  • You have humility that your comrades lack. If you wish to survive, then leave. I will not hunt those who flee, but I will slay those who try to stop me.
-Owen Stevens
  • The past is a dangerous thing. Be careful in your pursuit of it - you may not enjoy what you find...
  • Ah, yes. The dark knight. Such promise... Regretfully, you present an obstacle I must tear down. I will make your death as painless as I can.
-Yami Dark
  • You want only the comfort and safety of your home, yet you risk your life to protect people you don't know, in a war against forces you don't fully understand. Your commitment is... commendable.
-Allen Trius
  • Your impetuousness will get you into trouble, though your intentions seem to be pure. I see in you military mind like my own. I was beginning to fear that your side only had two worthy opponents with willpower like my own. Show me your strength.
  • Bradley Millar
  • Crono Silverius
  • You remind me of your master, young one. Can you, like he, conquer the darkness in your heart? Show me your strength.
  • Lord Kami
  • Ulmia Dark
  • Ayano Katagiri
  • I've seen you fight, trying to use each element at once - jack of all trades, master of none. Your ignorance is eclipsed only by your ambitions.
-Alex Wolf
  • Xela
  • Xelmes
  • You seem familiar, somehow. Let's see who is a greater master of ice.
  • Alpha
  • Shadow
  • You should have put more thought into who you summoned.
  • The conflict is nearing its end.



  • Next time, think before you act.
  • Not good enough.
  • Another pointless diversion.
  • She's waiting for me...
  • You let your guard down, fool.
—when HP is low
  • There is no fighter more ferocious than a cornered animal.
—when HP is low
  • Arrogance is a deadlier weapon than a blade...
—when opponent is stronger
  • And stay down.
—when opponent is stronger
  • Are you satisfied?
—when opponent is weaker
  • Cower like a whipped dog. It suits you.
—when opponent is weaker


  • You were stronger than you appeared.
  • All things come to an end, as I have.
  • A brief miscalculation.
  • Your victory is meaningless in the end.
  • Looks like my pride caught up with me.
—when opponent is stronger
  • I'm actually impressed.
—when opponent is stronger
  • How the hell?
—when opponent is weaker
  • Sleep with one eye open, and never trust the shadows...
—when opponent is weaker
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