Alias Sora,Kairi,Riku,Donald,Goofy,Tidus,


Role Allie
Age 14
Home World Destiny Islands
Weapon nunchaku
Status Alive
Selphie is an allie in Kingdom Hearts:III Battle to the Heart,Selphie along with Tidus and Wakka made it off the Island on this game and to other worlds unlike any other game.Selphie has a bit matured since Kingdom Hearts.


In this game Selphie wears the same clothes she wears in Final Fantasy,Selphie wears a yellow overall mini dress,with brown boots and a blue wrist band.

Journal Entry

Selphie is a friend from Sora's island,Sora,Riku & Kairi have never nessesarly showed an personality contact towards Selphie,but it does seem that they are great friends.Selphie along with Tidus & Wakka make it off the islands and explore new worlds.



  • "I guess you got lucky"
  • "I won't hold back next time"

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