Seikuu Oh is the giant robot of the Go-On Wings.

SeiKuu Oh
SeiKuu Oh ~ Mach Megazord.jpg
Origin Engine Sentai Go-Onger (2008)
Alias Mach Megazord
Type Robot
Role Summon
Home World Machine World
Other residences Earth
Weapon Handle Blaster, WingBooster
Status Alive


  • Toripter- Go-On Gold's Engine partner #7, a chicken / helicopter, who forms Seikuu Oh's right arm.
  • Jettoras- Go-On Silver's Engine partner #8, a tiger / jet, who forms Seikuu Oh's left arm.
  • Jum-bowhale- Engine #9, a whale / jumbo jet, who forms Seikuu Oh's head, body, and legs.


  • SeikuuOh T-Line- Engine #11, a tyrannosaurus / freight liner, can replace Seikuu Oh's right arm.
  • SeikuuOh K-Line- Engine #12, a triceratops / freight liner, can replace Seikuu Oh's left arm.
  • Engine Oh G9- Combination of Engines 1-9, or Engine Oh, GunBir Oh, and Seikuu Oh.
  • Engine Oh G12- Combination of Engines 1-12, or Engine Oh, GunBir Oh, Seikuu Oh, and Kyoretsu Oh.
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