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Seifer Almasy
Seifer Almasy
Name Seifer Almasy
Role Hero
Weapon Sword
Magic Fire
Abilities Death Express
Limit Breaks Zantetsuken Reverse
Class Mercenary Mage
Sorceress Knight
Status Alive

Seifer Almasy is the second Lord acquired in The Final Emblem, but although he's considered a Lord, technically, his Class is "Mercenary Mage". Like Sigurd, Seifer is also a skilled swordsman. His HP and Strength aren't as great as Sigurd's, but he is able to use Fire-Elemental magic, and also can summon his Guardian Force, the Death Express. Seifer starts out with a Steel Sword, but once acquiring his ultimate weapon, the Hyperion gunblade, is promoted to "Sorceress Knight", which is arguably more powerful than Sigurd's "Master Lord", due to great control of magic, despite somewhat inferior stats (barely enough to notice).

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