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Secret Organization of Keybladers

a.k.a. Kept Promise

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Name Secret Organization of Keybladers

a.k.a. Kept Promise

Members Adalene, Aden, Nortion, Kimberly, etc.
Role Protection of the Outside Worlds
Story Kingdom Hearts 3: Legacy of the Keyblade
"Fight to protect the ones you care about!"
—Organization of the Keybladers

Secret Organization of Keybladers, also known as the "'Kept Promise", the "Keyblade Knights", the "Unknown Keybladers" and the "Keyblade Knights Organization".

Who are the Kept Promise?

They are a league of Keybladers who train to someday go out and protect the outside worlds, just like Terra, Aqua and Ventus. They are a secret orgaization because nobody knows about their existance. There are lots of members in this group, but only 4 of them are known by their names: Adalene, Aden, Norton, and Kimberly. That is because these four are of a High Rank known as True Keyblade Masters.

The Training and the Trainees

Trainees are young boys and girls who train with wooden keyblades; until one day they get a real keyblade of their own or never get one at all. The ones who do get keyblades go into training to protect the other worlds. The ones that don't get keyblades return to town.

They train with the wooden keyblades even after they enroll as Keybladers; for practice perposes and for safty of everyone's welfare. After proving themselves as Keyblade Masters they can either chose to leave their world and protect other worlds without meddling to much in those worlds affairs or chose to stay home and become Keyblade Master teachers; e.i. like Master Eraqus.

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