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Sean is a major character in SRC. Sean is one of Nick's close friends, and he appears in almost every chapter to help move the plot along or cause mass chaos. He also runs his own end-of-chapter segments parodying the Sonic Sez segments of The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog called Public Sean Announcements.

He doesn't like the Sonic characters all too much, as he has stated in SRC he is more of a Godzilla fanboy than a Sonic fanboy, contrasting to Nick's likes.


Sean has one outfit in Sonic's Reality Check.

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Sean has a rather overbearing but kind personality, as shown in his initial appearance in Chapter 2. He is rich and claims it does not affect his personality, which it surprisingly doesn't; however, in arguments that esclate, he tends to use the fact he has wealth to his advantage, often times claiming the impossible such as being able to get away with murder or being able to make his own country, etc.

Sean also is a major Godzilla buff, as he is shown to go crazy at the mention of Biolante (this is obvious as he mistook Violet in Chapter 25 for one of "Biolante's spawn"). He also tends to compare some monsters in the Sonic franchise to Godzilla.

He also seems to have a manipulative (although mostly unsuccessful) personality trait that lets him control his opponents on occasion, although this has merely been alluded to in the storyline, nothing more.

Sean's Role

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  • Sean apparently owns two items unique to his character that were introduced in Chapter 30: a hoverboard and a pair of bazookas that shoot newspapers.
  • Sean is considered to be one of the wealthiest OC's in SRC; Neil and Justin are similar in wealth to Sean though.
  • Sean is one of the first people outside of Nick's family to see the Sonic cast.
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