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Origin ReBoot
Type Viral System Interface
Role Antagonist
Age Unknown
Home World Unknown World (Formerly)

Space Paranoids (Current)

Family Hexadecimal (Mistress)
Attribute Stealth
Status Active

Scuzzy is an advanced cat-like spy program that serves Hexadecimal with extreme and unyielding loyalty. Clever and devious, there is no security system that can keep Scuzzy from acquiring the information he collects for his mistress. His domelike top can replay anything he sees or hears for Hexadecimal, and was refitted with stronger glass as soon as he arrived.

Scuzzy, like the other original ReBoot characters, was brought to Space Paranoids by Alpha's Replica minions, however in Scuzzy's case, it was a mistake. The original plan was to download the viruses only into the system, but when the feline spy program saw Hexadecimal being cut and pasted into the flash drive, he quickly entered the beam and tagged along so that he wouldn't have to be away from his mistress.

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