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Kana スクルプトレック
Romaji Sukuruyputorekku
Origin Bionic Fantasy (2018)
Type Makuta
Role Main Villain
Age 100,000+
Gender Male
Alignment Brotherhood of Makuta
Home World Destral (birthplace in Spherus Magna)
Other residences Ankoku Nui
Family Jenova (semi-consort)
Teridax (brother)
Miserix (brother)
Hikari (forced spouse, deceased)
Gainaz (illegitimate son)
Zonan (illegitimate daughter)
Weapon Unknown
Attribute Timespace, Darkness
Status Deceased
English Voice Abubakar Salim
Japanese Voice Haruhiko Jo

Scryptorek (スクルプトレック Sukuruyputorekku) was the leader of Dai-Shinra, the true ruler of Ankoku Nui, and the main antagonist of Bionic Fantasy.


Along with Teridax and Miserix, Scryptorek was one of the first three Makuta ever created, and their personal Chronicler. Despite sharing most of their views, he is not truly loyal to neither Miserix nor Teridax, but simply lived his life under the belief that history is written by the "winners", as he bided his time with the latter after he usurped the former. After the Great Cataclysm, Scryptorek took Teridax's putting Mata Nui to sleep as a sign that the age of the previous "gods" is over, and began to desire controlling more than just Metru Nui or even Aqua Magna. 

He found the Kanohi Vahi at the bottom of the Silver Sea, siphoning an amount of energy leaking out of the mask at the time, rather than take it for himself, and tried to go far enough into the past to usurp the Great Beings and rule Spherus Magna, but he couldn't control his new ability well enough to go to whatever time period he wanted, until he appeared in Spherus Magna restored after Teridax's death in the distant future and took the Vahi off the Dark Hunter Voporak's hands. His time traveling abilities then grew to the point where he can not only freely travel the timespace continuum, but also warp to other worlds unknown to the peoples of Aqua Magna.

Scryptorek appeared on the Planet Gaia, where he tried to assist Jenova in eradicating the Cetra, but though she was defeated, Scryptorek managed to integrate some of her genetic material into his being, increasing his new powers further and then traveled to another planet(the setting of Final Fantasy VIII, long before the game's events) which he refers to "Sorcentra", where he took much of the Centra civilization's technology and killed all those who tried to stop him or knew of him. He later ended up on Spira, where he discovered Shinra's theory[1] of harnessing energy from the Farplane and gave him the financial aid, indirectly through Rin, to conduct this research. When the system is perfected 1000 years later, Scryptorek led the descendants of Shinra,who continued his work in his stead to Gaia, where the Shinra Electric Power Company would be founded. In return for his guidance to the planet and helping them rediscover Jenova, the Shinra Corporation gave Scryptorek hired help and resources for him to establish his own division of Shinra elsewhere.

He eventually found Luminus Magna and killed every Matoran there in order to oversee and control humanity's development there, "proving" to the universe that only a Makuta is worthy of ruling a planet; Scryptorek believes the Great Beings would then have no choice but to submit to the Makuta Brotherhood as the rulers of the universe. But Scryptorek's real reason for killing the Matoran there was to prevent the prophecy of a Toa of Time from being fulfilled, as he feared such a Toa's mere existence enough to purposely misrepresent it as a threat to the entire universe, or at least the Matoran Universe, since way before Teridax usurped Miserix. However, a Matoran named Crono would finally fulfill this unlikely legend by putting on the future duplicate of the Vahi, transforming into Jikanmu. Scryptorek possessed Jikanmu's body after the Toa destroyed his own, not knowing that Jikanmu had planned further ahead than the Makuta.


By the time of Bionic Fantasy, Scryptorek has eliminated every last human on the planet, but the timespace altering experiments he has been conducting for the past thousand years or so eventually had the side effect of transporting the Toa Metru and the future Toa Luminus to Ankoku Nui. Scryptorek however, had created the Vahkshi robots and also corrupted the Genjuu as contingencies against intruders. Realizing their presence could jeopardize his work, Scryptorek used Jikanmu's body to keep a close eye on the humans and Toa Metru, helping them destroy the Genjuu to earn their trust while manipulating them into helping his scheme along.

After bringing them to his lair, "Jikanmu" reveals himself to be Scryptorek, uses Ankoku Nui's stolen life energies to create Kardahamut, and fought the Toa. Though the dragon Genjuu is defeated, the Makuta continues to deride the heroes and unveils his wing, a sign that he injected himself with Jenova's cells, unleashing a time field before draining all their mana. But before he can kill them, Scryptorek is struck by a Great Gospel rain which weakens him significantly and kills every trace of Jenova in him, as well as healing the heroes so they can defeat him. Despite his disbelief at being defeated by the humans and Toa Metru's combined strength, he condemns them one last time before they are spirited away, leading him to believe they perished, and that Ankoku Nui will never recover. But Scryptorek ultimately dies in vain, never knowing that the heroes not only saved the planet, but they also survived and returned safely home.

Powers and Abilities

According to Jikanmu, Scryptorek can travel through time and space, eventually learning how to appear in other worlds, including Spira. He is also capable of creating Genjuu himself, such as the Liche through human experimentation, and Kardahamut through stolen energy from the Lifestream. He also has traces of Jenova's genetic makeup in his body, allowing him to sprout a black wing like Sephiroth did, but the full extent of this "One-Winged Angel" state's abilities are never shown, thankfully, due to Aerith's intervention and the Makuta's arrogance and poor understanding of the Lifestream. The Makuta could also stop time through the incantation, "ZAWARUDO"[2].

Kanohi Farusei.jpg

Scryptorek once wore the Kanohi Farusei, the Mask of False Divinity, which allowed him to falsely present himself as a God-King, before it was destroyed by Jikanmu, and Scryptorek's true form was revealed.


Originally, not much was known about Scryptorek, except he is at least just as evil, oppressive, self-centered, twisted and devious as his fellow Makuta Teridax, and is extremely abusive, verbally, physically, and emotionally, towards all those who do not abide by his age-elitist beliefs, or refuse to accept the Makuta as the most powerful beings in the universe. Scryptorek's relationship with Teridax has never fully been explored, however, so it is unclear if Scryptorek potentially wants to overthrow him as he did with Miserix, or consequently, if Teridax is/was aware of such.

After Teridax's putting Mata Nui to sleep, Scryptorek came to believe that the Makuta are destined to overthrow the Great Beings and rule the universe, rendering the traditional sense of godhood completely mundane and redundant. He felt that assuming control of at least an entire planet's worth of humans would be a great enough feat to convince the Great Beings to worship the Makuta race as the "real" gods. But when Jikanmu turned the populace against Scryptorek, the tyrant decimated nearly all life on Ankoku Nui and reduced it to a dying wasteland without a twinge of regret.

Scryptorek is a cold, calculating, lying, spiteful, derisive, arrogant, self-important, intimidating, cruel Makuta who despises his contemporaries and intellectual inferiors for clinging to their morals and values and verbally tortures anyone who disagrees with his opinion, that only the strongest and corrupt powerful should be the writers of history and rulers of the universe, in which case, he makes no distinction between mortals or any divine beings, only judging them by their ability to abide by his beliefs and enforce them to the masses. For these reasons, he is an age-elitist who desires eternal life by any means necessary. Scryptorek is also an insane, megalomaniacal hypocrite who staunchly believes only he can decide who or what is truly "good" or "evil", and brutally accuses his enemies of disrespecting what he considers the immutable laws of the universe, despite his own meddling with the timelines of various worlds and desire to rewrite history for his own selfish reasons. 

Ultimately, Scryptorek was an even worse, more heartless monster than Teridax and Sephiroth put together, and continued hurting innocent people and killing Ankoku Nui until his death, which literally undid nearly all the damage he had done. 

Etymology and symbolism

Scryptorek's name comes from "scriptor", meaning "writer" in Latin, and "rekishi(歴史)", meaning "history" in Japanese, so his name means "writer of history", in reference to his desire to control every facet of Ankoku Nui's history, and his messing around with the time-space continuum to his own liking. Thus his actions actually present him symbolically as a purveyor of hypocrisy and especially falsified history(a theme in Final Fantasy Tactics and then later Final Fantasy XV('s later DLC) in more of a retroactive manner), more or less like certain antagonistic forces throughout the Fabula Nova Crystallis subseries of Final Fantasy[3] who represent the idea of unjust fate.

Scryptorek was designed to evoke the image of a cross between a fallen angel(through his Sephiroth-esque right wing), and a malevolent Death-God(through his skeletal looking head), the latter being in reference to an early idea for Final Fantasy Versus XIII concerning grim reaper worship.

His behavior is also a culmination of (and a likely intentional foreshadowing to) GokaiWhite's fan theories regarding Somnus Lucis Caelum and Bahamut in Final Fantasy XV, especially about the latter as proven in the game's epilogue novel "Dawn of the Future". Scryptorek's similarities to Bahamut and Bahamut's connection with Somnus recall the Makuta's connection with his Genjuu Kardahamut. Both Scryptorek and Bahamut are depicted as uncaring tyrants who are obsessed with their self-preservation, have no real sense of morality or justice, harbor a strong hatred for idealists, only care about their respectively oppressed planets as far as being playgrounds for their megalomaniacal pleasures, represent the idea of history being written by the "winners", kept many dark secrets about themselves unknown to the protagonists and mankind in general, and, finally, hypocritically "preached" the validity of fatalism and acceptance of the consequences while trying to escape punishment for their atrocities.

One key difference, between these two antagonists, is that Bahamut is a self-deified dragon who lost sight of what is truly important due to his fatalistic mindset and worsening obsession with destroying the Starscourge, by ways that made him no better than daemons, whereas Scryptorek is a biomechanical demon who chose to become pure evil for it's own sake (arguably much worse than Bahamut at that), lusted for complete control, and continued his transgressions until the bitter end. Another is that Scryptorek was openly malicious, flaunted his ill-gotten authority, and actively encouraged his subjects to commit or condone acts of evil during his time as Choujintei, whilst Bahamut was more nuanced and at least tried to justify his actions and negative personality traits as necessary evil at the very worst, before he was exposed as a traitor to Eos.

One interesting thing of note is that Bahamut's exploitation of and crimes against Ardyn (such as condoning his brother Somnus' own jealousy-driven misdeeds against Ardyn), simply to spite him for his idealistic means of saving the world can parallel how Teridax had betrayed his own brother for similar reasons; because Teridax used to do the right thing for the wrong reasons, and the fact that Mata Nui was more respected by the Matoran incited the jealousy and resentment that ultimately led to Teridax's betrayal.


  • His english voice actor is known for Bayek, the main protagonist of Assassin's Creed: Origins.
  • His "Jenova cells, boy!" quote is an allusion to "Nanomachines, son!"[4], a similar quote of Senator Armstrong's in Metal Gear Rising, which has become an internet meme.
  • Scryptorek's altering of time and space for his experiments are meant to be one in-universe explanation to various alternate scenarios and endings (in BIONICLE and Final Fantasy(at least the games most clearly represented in Bionic Fantasy)) that happen because of differences in production staff/values, or choices made by the player in the cases of the games.
  • The fact that Scryptorek fought much like a Dragoon (especially when disguised as Jikanmu) is a subtle foreshadowing to his summoning of Kardahamut.
  • Scryptorek's manner of fighting, and some personality traits, bears similarity with Gongora from Lost Odyssey, who has the same japanese voice.
    • Coincidentally, they both manipulated somebody who also has the same japanese voice actor, and later turns on them.
  • He was originally planned to be voiced by Unshou Ishizuka until his passing on August 13, 2018.
  • His preferred method of stopping time is (nearly) the same as Dio Brando from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • Scryptorek is the last of the original three Makuta to be introduced as a character, and, ironically, the first to die in chronological order, though Miserix is still alive after Teridax had perished.