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Scar from Kingdom Hearts Forever (TK2 Fan Comic Series)

Many years after being devoured by Hyenas for calling them "Enemies",  Taka "Scar" Pride (Known & Mentioned as only "Scar" in the Lion King 1 & 2) survived as an organic brain in the jar as discovered by Ludwig von Drake in his workshop, but was stolen under Scar's approval by the Mad Doctor, who works for the Phantom Blot Industries and implanted Scar in the Mechanical Body. And after finding out from the Phantom Blot about his mate, Zira being killed in the final battle in the Lion King 2: Simba's Pride, he gained a total PTSD over it. He does have a crush on Dr. Drakken's partner after Zira's death, but Shego wasn't interested in the relationship.

Worlds of Change

  • Middleton = Drakken's Human Spy
  • Monstropolis = Behemoth
  • Rapunzel's Forest = Goblin
  • Man Village = Anaconda
  • Pride Land = Normal Lion (Just Like Lion king 1 & 2 type of Lion)
  • Nottingham = Wooden Cybrog


  • Metal Claws
  • Laser eyes
  • Metal Teeth
  • Drilling Tail


  • Drill Gore
  • Laser Blast
  • Claw Slash
  • Sharptoothed Bite

​Voice Actor

Jeremy Irons. . . Who else?

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