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Name Saule
Kana ソウル ("Souru")
Original Fanon Kingdom Hearts Legacy
Alias Xaelus
Type Human / Nobody
Alignment Good
Age 17
Rival Lord Kami
Weapon Night Thorn
Attribute Darkness
"A powerful young fighter looking for answers to his questions. Maybe his enemies hold the answers he needs to get back to his friends..."

Saule is a character in Destiny's Reach: Kingdom Hearts originating from Kingdom Hearts Legacy. He fights to protect the Light, opposing Sora and the villains that he has summoned, with Lord Kami as his rival. He fights with his personal keyblade, the Night Thorn, using rapid, powerful slashes and forceful dark magic.

Saule has deep connections with Lord Kami, but he is unsure of what they truly are, for he has little as no memory of it. He searches for the reason why he can change into a Heartless-like form and has some Nobody-features, and Saule is sure that Kami knows what it is.


Saule wears a much darker outfit in Destiny's Reach than in Kingdom Hearts Legacy, and he himself seems more muscular and looks slightly older. His hairstyle is slightly different, but he has the same dark hair color. He wears a black and red t-shirt with only one sleeve and wears dark-grey, loose pants and black shoes with red laces and soles. He also has a black arm protector on his left hand and in his right hand, a simple black wrist-thing .

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