Sure, I sense Sandstorm Menace's prescence, but I can't see anything!
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Sandstorm Menace
"A Keyblade formed from the swirling desert storms of Aposaline."
Strength Magic
+4 +2
Combo Boost - Increases ground combo strength; Air Combo Boost - Increases aerial combo strength
Defeat Ashura in the Desert of Dreams.

Sandstorm Menace is a Keyblade Aqua can wield after defeating Ashura in the Desert of Dreams, located in Aposaline.


The Sandstorm Menace's guard has two brown, swirling tornadoes of dust on the sides, with the main handle being a thinner tornado; Aqua is meant to grasp the thin tornado as a handle. The main blade of the Sandstorm Menace shoots out like a gusty wind, forming a jagged, zig-zag-like pattern up the end of the blade. The teeth of the Keyblade is actually part of the main zig-zag pattern, with three spikes jutting out, representing the harsh sand grains whipped up during sandstorms in the Desert of Dreams.

The Keychain for the Sandstorm Menace is a small circular brown stone.


  • The Sandstorm Menace seems to be a tribute to Terra, as Terra's name is related to Earth.
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