Sandgem Town
Sandgem Town
Origin Pokémon
Stories Destiny to Come
Theme Music N/A
Battle Music N/A
Party Member Lucas

Sandgem Town is the neighboring town of Twinleaf Town. It's relatively bigger in size comparison to Twinleaf but it's still a small place.


The first location is Professor Eros's Lab, where you meet Professor Eros and his grandson Lucas. Other optional areas include, Item Store, Moogle Shop, Lucas's home, and Nadine's House. The way south leads to the beach which is considered part of Sandgem Town. You can find Nadine here enjoying the waves.


Sandgem Town is introduced in The Awakening in which Joyeux appears. Lucas is given his own keyblade and they fight Ralor here. Nadine witnesses the whole battle and is fascinated with the power of the keyblade. Joyeux wants to find her friends so she decides to leave the town and search for them, but Lucas comes along as well.


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