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Sami's Heartless
Sami's Heartless.png
Kana サミのハートレス (Sami no Hātoresu)
Original Name Sami
Type Heartless
Role Antagonist
Home World Radiant Garden
Weapon Chain Dagger
Attribute Darkness
Status Alive
"Looks like I've let myself go."
—Sami's Heartless taunting Maxis

Sami's Heartless is the Heartless of Sami.


Surrendering his Heart

When Radiant Garden was overrun by the heartless, Sami was one of the fortunate few who managed to escape to Traverse Town. However Sami's heart was filled with anger and hatred for the heartless. Listening to a dark and sinister voice that continued to echo through his head Sami surrendered his heart to darkness in exchange for its power. Unknowingly becoming the very being he hated so much.

When his heartless formed in the Realm of Darkness it somehow managed to retain a fairly human form while still possessing great power.

Encountering his Nobody




  • "I want to cut out your heart." (General)
  • "It's like looking in a distorted mirror." (Before fighting Maxis)
  • "Time to wrap this up." (Before using Wrapping Slash)


  • "Well, that was boring. Hopefully the next one will be more entertaining. (General)
  • "Looks like I've let my self go." (After beating Maxis)
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