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Original Name Saal
Alias The Firedrake
Type Nobody/Salamander (before losing heart)
Role Antagonist
Age 18
Home World Unknown
Weapon Scimitar
Attribute Fire

Salax is a nobody and member of The Nothing in Kingdom Hearts: Soul Story. He is one of the three members of The Nothing who were never human.


Before he lost his heart, Saal was a salamander, a tall anthropomorphic reptile with red scales, yellow frills running down his back and golden eyes. His nobody, Salax, retained this form and wears the standard "Organization Coat".


Despite his relation to fire, Salax is often very calm and collected. He can become agressive when angered, but is otherwise quite passive and cool-headed. He usually wants nothing more than to goof off and have fun, but these intentions are often ruined by his busy "job" in The Nothing. He speaks with a laid-back, "California surfer" accent and often uses words, such as; "dude", "lame", "sweet", "gnarly" and "bogus". He also tends to call people "dude" whether they are male or female, since, in his own words, "The word dudette just isn't cool.".

Weapons, Powers and Abilities

Salax is a master of Fire magic and uses it often in battle. His weapon, a scimitar (curved sword), can channel his magical energy and can be set on fire to deal more damage.


Salax has yet to appear in KH:SS.

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