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Origin Unsungverse
Demonym Alexandrien
Formation City Built 186 BDC
Stories Unsungverse

Kingdom Hearts: Marche au Supplice

Theme Music The Crescent City, Saint Alexandre (Skycity of Bujerba)

Saint-Alexandre is a world featured in the Unsungverse story, Kingdom Hearts: Marche au Supplice. At the time of the story it served as the capital and general headquarters of the Novaran-Archelonian forces supporting Prince Charles' claim to the Novaran-Archelonian throne. However after the Treaty signed in Finistère, it later became the Capital of Plantagenia, the first indepenedent state in the Arcadia Region within the Realm of Light.

The City was named after the Saint Alexander de Marchamps, who was venerated as such by the Novaran Church for his services in the defense of the Church during the 4th century BDC.

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Final Fantasy XII OST- The Skycity Of Bhujerba-3

The Crescent City, Saint-Alexandre


  • Saint-Alexandre was based on the city of New Orleans, Louisiana proper. Another world city in Plantagenia, Nouvelle Orleans, while shares the name of the aformentioned city Saint-Alexandre was based on, is based on two suburbs of New Orleans: Metairie, and Bogalusa.