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"Life is something that we should experiment with... That is why we are created by Odin."
—Final Remnant

The Remnant Faimily or Saint's Row is an Orginization which Revived Malevolence Ribbons Crystalised after her death

and is responsible for partially destroying Kingdom Hearts.

Main Story

Pre Main Story Events

"Sorry just Buisness."

-Lunar seconds before the death of the Mafia's leader Final.

Final Remnant the Don of the Remnant Family gets assasinated by Lunar with the Catagalia in a narrow corner at Alderney.

while the orginization searches for Mars Reamnant. Ayano Katagiri (their experiment) is reincanated and immediately made Don of the Remnant Family now named Saint's Row. Ayano Katagiri and December Haruhi is quickly made an Associate by Ayano Katagiri for future plans. After the destruction of all Four Rival Families, Small time gangs and the LCPD under the command of Ayano Katagiri during Z.Z. giving her the Code. With all interference the Saint's Row takes control of both Underworld and Outerwold of Liberty City and soon Kingdom Hearts.

The One Behind The Order

The Remnant Family is introduced in the Final Remnant to be behind every events in Kingdom Hearts:The Holy Blade Order by December to Ayano Katagiri (Ayano having to lose her memories). After the control of Liberty City, The Remnant Family begins to strike Kingdom Hearts as the "Neo Holy Blade Order" in order to avoid more conflicts to the Saint's Row. the attack is a Complete success and Creates "The World that Never Was" into their Sub HQ. This marks the war that has just begun to take control of the universe but for the hero's to Save it.

Ayano Recreate the World.

To be continued.


  • Final Remnant was killed the same way Aldo's "The Main Characther of The Godfather: Mob Wars" Father was killed.
  • The Quotes "Sorry just buisness" is from the "The Godfather: Mob Wars" is what the Mafia boss tells Aldo's Father.
  • Saint's Row is named after the game of the same name.


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