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KHMoL Saiki.png
Kana サイキ
Romaji Saiki
Type Human
Role Protagonist
Weapon Keyblade

Saiki is the main character of Kingdom Hearts: Memories of Light.



Saiki is short-tempered and will not stand obstacles baring her way of completing her mission, and ultimately recovering her memories. However, she can also be composed and thinking if there is a need.


Saiki has purple eyes and curly short dark green hair with a long ponytail above her right ear which falls on her right arm, then goes behind her neck, and finally falls to the front on her left arm. She wears a crimson vest with deep and narrow V-shaped decolletage on her back and shallow and wide U-shaped decolletage on her chest. The vest has purple-pink loose left sleeve. She also wears a purple-pink armlet on her left arm and silver bracer on her right forearm. A silver sash is sewn into vest's right shoulder and the bracer near the hand. Saiki wears blue jeans which are knee-long on the right leg and few inches under the perineum on the left leg, and has her waist girded by a stylish belt which has a long purple mantle hanging from it. She wears blue boots on heels.

Fighting Style

Saiki is uniquely a left-handed Keyblade wielder. Her signature Keyblade is the Commitment.



  • "Flame!" – using a fire-based spell
  • "Frost!" – using an ice-based spell
  • "Shock!" – using a lightning-based spell
  • "Blast!" – using a wind-based spell
  • "Mend!" – using a spell from Cure line
  • "Force!" – using a spell from Bravery line
  • "Wall!" – using a spell from Protect line
  • "Jinx!" – using a spell from Faith line
  • "Ward!" – using a spell from Shell line


  • Saiki's name comes from the Japanese name for wisdom (才気).
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