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Saeko Busujima
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Kana 毒島冴子
Origin Highschool of the Dead
Original Name Saeko Busujima
Alias Ms. Busujima (Baransu)
Type Human
Role Recurring Character, Ally
Age 18
Home World Tokonosu City
Family Master Busujima (Unknown)
Weapon Murata-tou
Attribute Nothingness, Wind, Flower, Darkness
Status Alive
Saeko Busujima is one of the characters that will appear in Kingdom Hearts: Generations. She is one of the main protagonists in Highschool of the Dead & will appear during The Dead of the World Arc.


Saeko has long, straight and shiny purple hair along with a triangular fringe at the front that barely touches the ridge of her nose, and she is also shown to have blue eyes. Her clothing consists of female battle boots with heels, long lace purple stockings, purple gloves, her school uniform top, a skirt that shows the string of her thong and her entire right thigh, and a special belt to hold her sword

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