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Name Saïx
Kana Saikusu
Number VI
Title Luna Diviner
Original Name Isa
Home World ????
Role Villain
Weapon Relentless (Claymore)
Element Moon
Magic None
Abilities None
Limit Breaks Berserk
Drives None
Status Resurrected

Saïx is the Midnight Syndicate's Number VI, and retains his title of "The Luna Diviner". While far from weak, more than a few of the "original" Syndicate members outclass him in total power.

Fighting Style

Main Article: Saïx (Nightverse)/Abilities.

Saïx uses a claymore stronger than any of his others, known as Relentless.


Xemnas (Nightverse)

Saïx is as loyal as ever to the Guide to the Interstice, though, like his former Superior, he follows through with Xolduc's commands out of fear of destruction more than any true allegiance. If Xemnas ever gains enough power to overthrow the Twilit Horror, then Saïx will be at his side, just like old times.