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Nobody PC
Kana リクス (Rikusu)
Number VI
Title The Terror of Lunacy
Weapon Claymore; Chakrams
Attribute Moon; Fire
Original name Ryou Misaki
Original PC Haseo
Battle Theme 13th Struggle

Ryxou, the Terror of Lunacy (狂気の恐怖, Kyōki no Kyōfu), is the Nobody PC of Haseo and rank VI among them. With the combined power over Moon and Fire, Ryxou wields a claymore and chakrams in battle.


During the Sage Palace Tournament, Haseo was infected with AIDA for a brief period of time - hardly amounting to a full minute. Haseo forced the AIDA out of his system with sheer will power, freeing himself from its hold but at the same time creating Ryxou - the fifth Nobody PC. He appears in the Garden of Assemblage shortly after his birth.


Ryxou retains most of Haseo's original features. His hair is longer, lighter and shaggier, and he has aquamarine eyes, giving him a similar appearance to Riku. Just like the other Nobody PCs, Ryxou wears the Organization XIII Black Coat, with pointed shoulders and tight sleeves similar to Haseo's PC at the time.


Ryxou's personality seems to come from both of his mentors - the Saïx and Axel Data Replicas.

Fighting Style

As per the training from his mentors, Ryxou is capable of using the elements of Moon and Fire, and can wield Chakrams and Claymores.

Empty Addition (空に加え, Sora ni kuwae): A technique in which a Nobody PC combines the powers of both of their "mentors".

Flaming Claymore: Ryxou "pyro-kinetically" places the chakrams in orbit around his claymore, while on fire. In this state, he swings and thrusts it, as a hit would allow the chakrams to carry on with the combo.


  • ""Terror of Death"? Peh. That ship has sailed."
  • "If were infected after you fought the Prophet. That way, I would have a Key of my own."
  • " could never understand it."
  • "Surrender the Key, User."
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