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Ryoma Nagare
Nagare Ryoma.png
Kana 流竜馬
Origin Getter Robo (1974)
Getter Robo Armageddon (1998)
Type Human
Role unknown
Gender Male
Alignment Getter Pilots
Weapon Karate and Firearms
Status Unknown, likely alive
English Voice Douglas Taylor (Armageddon)
Troy Baker (Getterborn Rising)
Japanese Voice Hideo Ishikawa

Ryoma Nagare is one of three Getter Pilots who are to become embroiled in the Getterborn Riots.


Ryoma is an adult male with black hair and wears a brown shirt, blue jeans, burgundy shoes, a beige coat, and a red scarf.


Ryoma has a righteous heart believing in justice, yet maintains a fierce and aggressive disposition, seen best as he enthusiastically shouts his way into combat, which serves to level Ryoma closer to an ambiguous anti-hero than a noble one. Unfortunately, this tendency of letting his emotions get the better of him occasionally blinds Ryoma from seeing the greater goal; this also serves to contrast him with the methodical and stoic Hayato. Yet even when the situation gets tense, Ryoma can be counted on to do the right thing and stand with his allies.


Before the events of Getterborn Rising, Ryoma had been separated from Hayato and Benkei as the latter two made their way to the Realm of Light. His current whereabouts are unknown.


  • "You're the one who's gonna pay!!!"
  • "This world has had enough of your bullshit!"
  • "We won't just kill you! We'll show you the true horror of Getter!"[1]

Musical Theme

"BURN THE RUN" was recorded by Hideo Ishikawa, Ryoma's seiyuu, for Getter Robo Armageddon, but never actually used in the show proper. It is featured on a vocal song collection[2], along with other unused character songs, and is expected to be featured in Kingdom Hearts: Getterborn Rising.


  • His seiyuu also voices Squall/Leon throughout the KH series.
  • As a reference to his manga and classic anime counterparts' dealings with the Dinosaur Empire, Ryoma seriously dislikes dinosaurs and other (large) lizards.
  • Cowen Stinger's hostilities toward Sora might actually be harkening back to Ryoma's own thirst for revenge on Dr. Saotome, early in Getter Robo Armageddon.
  1. Getter Robo Volume 2, Chapter 13, page 392; Musashi's Last Stand