Ryed Raevin
Ryed MA
Kana ライード・ラエビン
Alias Ryed
Type Human
Role Protaganist
Pact Wielder
Age 18 (OPA)
Home World Sunset Horizons
Family Dalia (Mother)
Argol (Father)
Weapon Obsidian
Attribute Sand
"A calm warrior who always strives for the best, and brings out the best in others. He fears not even death."

Ryed Raevin (pronounced rye-ed) is one of the main characters in Kingdom Hearts: Amelioratory Benevolence. A member of the ternion of Pact Wielders, he carries the Heartless third of the Pact. He is playable in the first arc, Our Penumbral Asylum.



Ryed was born in Latched Division, the child of two non-Keybearers. When he was six years old, he had the Keyblade passed onto him in secret by the former Pact Wielder of Heartless, whose name has since been lost. He saw within Ryed a brooding darkness, but also sufficient light to keep it in check. This Keyblade manifested itself for Ryed when he was thirteen, spurring Ryed to began training under Master Onn. For five years he trained hard, with dreams of achieving the Mark of Mastery.


Now at the age of 18, Ryed came across an unusual event at the beginning of his daily training sessions. When summonning his Keyblade, a new one, Obsidian, was summonned along with it. Although the reason why was unknown to all, it was because the man who had given Ryed his powers had passed away. He had told Ryed the secrets of the Keyblade, but not that he was a Pact Wielder, and nothing about the Pact. Curious about this phenomenon, Ryed asked Master Onn, who knew of the Pact and had been secretly waiting for one of her students to become the Pact Wielder of the Keybladers. Although overjoyed at first, she sensed a looming darkness in Obsidian once she examined it closer. It was, to her dismay, the Pact Weapon of the Heartless. Angered that he wasn't chosen to represent the Keybearer third, Onn considered this base treachery from Ryed, even though it wasn't his fault. In an instant, she forcibly removed both of Ryed's keyblades, and he was exiled to Sunset Horizons.


The tallest and oldest of the three, Ryed has a muscular build. He has black hair and brown eyes, and is dressed in a sand-colored utility vest, green camo shorts, and white and gray sneakers.


Despite exuding an outward appearance of calm confidence, Ryed struggles with internal demons. Having witnessed death firsthand at an early age coupled with the more recent trauma of being exiled to live alone has certainly affected his mind, along with his ability to fight. Losing his keyblades has filled him with a sense of lonliness more expansive than his solidarity in Sunset Horizons. However, he manages to stay sane with the promise of redemption as his guiding light. His serious nature can both inspire and alienate his teammates.



  • Ryed's reflected real-world nationality is Belgian.

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