Ruko Yokune
Kana 欲音ルコ - よくねるこ
Origin UTAU
Alias The girl who sleeps a lot

No. 65

Type UTAUloid

Voice Sythesizer

Role Neutral
Age Stays 19
Home World Audio City
Weapon Martial Arts
Attribute 3D
Status Undying

Ruko Yokune is an UTAUloid who owns the weapons shop in Audio City, a world from Kingdom Hearts: Foul Remembrance. Due to her freakishly tall height, almost 7', she can reach high places. This power helps out the heroes multiple times in the story.


Ruko has medium-length black hair in two high ponytails. A streak of electric is seen right next to her red and blue headphones. Unlike most of the other UTAUloids and VOCALOIDs, she has two different colored eyes, one being blue while the other is red. She wears a navy blue schoolgirl shirt with no sleeves, a white sleeveless shirt under that, and an electric blue tie with two red clips on it. On her arms are two navy blue sleeves that have electric blue ends. The circuit board on each of them is black. Her right hand has a white glove on it. The inside of the schoolgirl shirt is maroon. The schoolgirl dhirt extends much farther than the white shirt, so it kind've becomes a cape. Her pants are skinny jean-type black pants. You can see a black G-string pair of underwear sticking out of the top. At the waist there is a navy and electric blue chain. Her shoes are black boots with a maroon sole.

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