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Ruby hooded.jpg
Original Name Ruby
Type Nobody
Home World Wolf's World
Family Wolf (husband)
Weapon light blade
Attribute all the elements
Status Alive

Ruby is a character in Kingdom Hearts The Data Book, a Nobody, and the wife of Wolf. She helps Wolf with battle, and is Number 14 in the Nobodies of Darkness.


Ruby one day joins the Nobodies of Darkness, and meets Wolf. They go on missions together, and after a while, she admits to Wolf that she loves him. Then, Alex Wolf comes. Then, Wolf, Alex, and Ruby all leave the Nobodies of Darkness. They get to Alex and Wolf's Shadow, and kill it with a Keyblade. Then, Kingdom Hearts comes, and Alex decides to grant Ruby a heart, instead of himself. Now she lives with Wolf in Wolf's World.


Ruby is nice and caring. When Ruby gets mad, her sword becomes larger, and is engulfed in light.


Ruby wears a Black Cloak. She has blue eyes and black hair.

Fighting Style

Ruby fights with the Light Blade in her left hand. The light blade has a long range due to its immense size, and can also use the light to shoot.


  • "Wolf, I love you."

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