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Marine Royale
Name Marine Royale
Members Alexis Triggs
Role The defense of royal interests and territories, maintaining intelligence, and preventing crises
Story Unsungverse

Kingdom Hearts: Marche au Supplice

The Royal Novaran-Archelonian Navy (Archelonian: Marine Royale, lit: Royal Navy) is the maritime arm of the Novaran-Archelonian Military. Its roles are defined as the defense of royal interests and territories, maintaining intelligence, and preventing crises.

The Marine Royale consists of four branches: The Naval Action Force (Force d'action navale), the Prowler Force (Force rôdeur), Naval Aviation (Aviation Navale) & the Naval Fusiliers (Fusiliers Marins).

The motto of the navy is "Honneur, patrie, valeur, discipline" (Honor, Motherland, Valour, Discipline) and these words are found on the deck of every ship in the fleet.


At the time of the Kingdom's Dissolution, the Navy had an active Strength of 360,000,000 military personnel and 2,900,000 civilian staff. The Navy is organized into four main operational branches.

  • The Force d'Action Navale (Naval Action Force): The Main Fleet
  • The Force rôdeur (Prowler Force): The Stealth Warship Forces
  • The Aviation Navale (Naval Aviation): Land & Ship based Fighter type Gummi Ships
  • The Fusiliers Marins (Naval Fusiliers): Naval Infantry including the Commandos de Marine

Naval Bases

At the end of its existence, the Naval Bases of the Marine royale were Montpelhièr,Roussillon (Home of the Oriental Fleet/Escadre des Indes Orientales), Octeville, Normaundia (Home of the Occidental Fleet), Finistère, Bretagnea (Home of the Central Fleet) & Veritas, Southeast Novara (Home of the Fleet of the Novaran Crown)


List of Naval Capital Ships

Class Type Service Life
Dunkerque-class Dreadnaught (CVB)
Congreve-class Battleship (BB)
Alexandre-class Destroyer (DDG)
Clovis-class Battlecruiser (BC)
Condor-class Frigate (FFG)
Océan-class Corvette (LCS)
Asmodée-class Prowler (SSB)

List of Naval Gummi Ships

Name Role
Mirage 2000D Attacker
Mirage 2000-5 Multirole
Rafale M Multirole
Rafale B Multirole
R-9E Owl Light AWACS

Customs & Traditions



  • Amiral de Novare-Archelonie (Admiral of Novara-Archelonia/7-Star Admiral)
  • Amiral (Admiral/5-Star Admiral)
  • Vice-Amiral d'escadre (Squadron Vice-Admiral/4-Star Admiral)
  • Vice-Amiral (Vice-Admiral/3-Star Admiral)
  • Contre-Amiral (Counter-Admiral/2-Star Admiral)
  • Capitaine de vaisseau (Ship-of-the-Line Captain/Captain)
  • Capitaine de frégate (Frigate Captain/Commander)
  • Capitaine de corvette (Corvette Captain/Lieutenant Commander)
  • Lieutenant de vaisseau (Ship-of-the-Line Lieutenant/Lieutenant)
  • Enseigne de vaisseau de première classe (Ship-of-the-Line Ensign 1st Class/Lieutenant Jr. Grade)
  • Enseigne de vaisseau de deuxième classe (Ship-of-the-Line Ensign 2nd Class/Ensign)
  • Aspirant (Midshipman)

Petty Officers & Enlisted Personnel

  • Major
  • Maître-principal (Principal Master)
  • Premier-maître (First Master)
  • Maître (Master)
  • Second-maître (Second Master)
  • Quartier-maître de 1re classe (Quarter-master 1st Class)
  • Quartier-maître de 2e classe (Quarter-master 2nd Class)
  • Matelot breveté (Graduate Seaman)
  • Matelot (Seaman)

Addressing Officers

Unlike in the Royal Novaran-Archelonian Army, one does not prepend mon to the name of the rank when addressing an officer (i.e. Capitaine, rather than mon capitaine). Adressing a Marine royale officer with a "mon capitaine will attract the traditional answer, "Dans la Marine il y a mon Dieux et mon cul, pas mon capitaine!" ("In the Navy there are my Gods and my arse, no 'my captain'!").


  • The Marine Royale is based on both the British Royal Navy and the French Marine nationale.