These are Roxian's abilities.


  • Fire Boost
  • Water Boost
  • Thunder Boost
  • Blizard Boost
  • Cure Boost
  • Aero Boost
  • Gravity Boost
  • Time Boost (makes all Time Magic more powerful)
  • MP Rage (x2)
  • MP Hastega

Spell Rage

Roxian's first Limit Break, Roxian expends all of her MP and selects a spell which she casts relentlessly. The number of spells cast depends on the spell itself -- the weaker the spell, the greater number of spells cast. Ex.: Fire would be fifteen to twenty spells, where Drain would be eight to twelve spells, and Comet would be four to six spells.

Lunar Cry

Roxian's second Limit Break, Roxian expends all of her MP and causes the MP Charge to have five times the duration to perform this attack. She is also paralyzed for six seconds before and after casting it. Once she does so, however, the entire area is enshrouded in a massive light beam that deals light-elemental damage while also summoning a large number of Heartless, lesser Nobodies, and Unversed for her opponents to deal with. Thraxganb has stated that, if Roxian were able to master the Lunar Cry, she would be the most powerful member of the entire Syndicate.

Angel Wing

Roxian unleashes her Other's latent power and grows two white angel wings on her back. Her magic becomes five times more powerful, and she is significantly faster in this form as well. In addition, Roxian gains the power of low-level flight (like Sora's Final Form).

Finally, all of Roxian's spells are automatically double-cast, and she gains the power to triple-cast as well.

However, she falls asleep soon after reverting.

Guardian Forces

Roxian can summon a number of Guardian Forces that her other was junctioned to:

  • Pandemona (Wind)
  • Gilgamesh (Weapons)
  • Doomtrain (Poison/status ailments)
  • Diablo (Gravity/Darkness)
  • Alexander (Holy/Light)
  • Eden (Cosmic)

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