Name Roxian
Number VIII
Title Bitter Seraph
Original Name Rinoa Heartilly
Home World ???
Weapon Bitter Memories (Gunblade)
Element None
Magic All
Abilities Multicasting spells
Summon Guardian Forces
Limit Breaks Spell Rage
Lunar Cry
Drives Angel Wing
Status Alive

Roxian is the Nobody of Rinoa, and is the Midnight Syndicate's Number VIII, replacing the deceased Noxel. Her title is the "Bitter Seraph".


Rinoa Heartilly opened her Heart to Darkness for unknown reasons, and was recently found and named by Thraxganb, who convinced her to join the Midnight Syndicate.

When a heartless by the name of Kurochi wanted to join the Syndicate, Juxak turned him away because he wasn't a Nobody. Roxian, however, took pity on the boy and gave him some missions to help the Syndicate out and promised membership if and when he ever found a way to become a Nobody. She is largely on standby regarding missions, as Xolduc desires that she undergo more extensive training.


Roxian is a special Nobody, capable of feeling proper emotions -- and is the only member of the Syndicate for whom this is true. While Xolduc can feel anger and hatred, Roxian is able to feel all emtions, and is generally regarded as a good person by those who don't know her.


See: here.

Roxian is highly skilled with all forms of magic.



"Like Juxak said, you can't join because you're not a Nobody. But that doesn't mean that you can't help out, though." (To Kurochi)


"Lunar Cry!" (When using Lunar Cry)

"On Angel's Wings!" (When using Angel Wing)

"Get ready for pain!" (Just before using Spell Rage)

"Take this!" (normal attack)

"Guardian Forces!" (when summoning a GF)

"I did it!" (victory)

"You beat me..." (defeat)

"I'm not giving up!" (HP Critical)


Her theme song is Numb, by Linkin Park, largely due to other people's (notable Xolduc, Telmuci'ixa, and Juxak) disappointment about her merciful nature, and her battle theme is New Divide, also by Linkin Park.

During and after the Syndicate War, however, her theme song changes to Sound of Madness, by Shinedown.


  • Though unintentionally, Roxian;s name is the same as a minor chracter in the Mistwalker title, Lost Odyssey.

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