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Roxanne from Kingdom Hearts: Forever (TK2 Fan Comic Series)

Roxanne (last name Unknown) is the head of the Disney Court Wizards second only to Donald but when she was the teenager (in two days after the Goofy Movie ended), her father, the one who secretly didn't like Max that much but is afraid of Rox's anger for his actions, was killed by a Lion shaped Cyborg. She was found by Scrooge McDuck in the streets of Traverse Town. But now older and currently married to Max, they both have a son named Bill Amous Goof middle named after Goofy's father.

Worlds of Change

  • Monstropolis = Vampire
  • Jungle of Rhythm = Toucan
  • Equestrila = UNicron (1st visit-No cutie Mark & 2nt Visit = Cutie Mark (Magic sparkle))
  • Ant Island = Ant
  • Nottingham = Wooden Cybrog


The Emerald Staff.


Casting Spell and Summoning Monsters

Voice Actress

I think it could be either Selena Gomez, Hillary Duff or Debby Ryan. I don't know which.

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