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Rould was the somebody of Luxord, and an ambitious gambler who wanted to enter the great poker tournament at the Dark Wastelands.


Rould was an ambitious gambler who always said he was destined to be a famous poker champion; he had already won over twenty different poker championships. Ever since he was young, he had always had incredible luck at games such as cards and Snakes and Ladders. The old wise man of Rould's home village always said that it was unwise to challenge him to games, but the villagers wanted to prove him wrong and ended up calling him a thief and a cheater. The next day he left with great goals as he saw his little vilage dissapear in the darkness of the Wastelands.

Decent into Darkness

At an unknown time, Rould was attacked by Heartless and created the Nobody Luxord who was human formed due to his stong will to be a top gambler.


  • "I am not a cheater, OR a thief! Rrgh, just leave me be!"
  • "Someday, I will eliminate you with nothing but the edges of a card!"
  • "The air has changed.... Lady Luck has had her fill for today."

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