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"It's like our memories have been wiped clean of how we got here."
—Rouge to her friends in Chapter 1 when discussing how they got to Earth from Mobius

Rouge The Bat is a feminine treasure hunter and part-time government spy who is Shadow's friend and companion during some of their missions together. She has an obsession for jewels and shiny objects, and she seems to have a crush on both Knuckles and Shadow.


Rouge has gone through two costume changes since her first appearance in Sonic's Reality Check.

From Chapter 1 to Chapter 24

  • Snow white hair, and her "beauty was still evident"
  • Black leotard with a pink heart in the middle
  • Same shoes

From the Rest of Chapter 24 Onward

  • Hair and shoes are the same
  • Personality

Rouge's personality is rather unchanged in SRC than that of the main series of Sonic. She appears to love jewels very much, although this aspect is toned down a bit in SRC (although there was one instance in particular where her jewel obsession is noted as a joke.

She appears to have a nice, affection side for her boyfriend Shadow, although she does get into fights with him on occasion, once so bad she broke up with him for Knuckles, although they both later got back together (off-screen, of course) by Chapter 15.

Rouge's Role

Full role coming soon


Coming soon


  • Rouge's second design is based off of a dollmaker on deviantART made specifically for Sonic OC's.


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