Rotor The Walrus
Rotor The Walrus
Alias Rote
Type Walrus; Somebody
Role Protagonist
Age 17
Home World Mobius
Family Sherman Walrus (Father); unnamed mother; Skeeter Walrus (brother)
Weapon None
Attribute None
Status Alive

Rotor The Walrus is a minor protagonist featured in Heroes From An Old World as an ally to Princess Sally and the Freedom Fighters in Knothole Village.


Rotor is a purple-furred walrus with a light pink skin on his stomach, and he usually wears a brown vest with some pockets on the sides. He usually sports a pair of eyeglasses, and his two white tusks are also easily seen. Not much else stands out about Rotor other than this.

Heroes From An Old World Plot Significance

First Appearance

Rotor first appeared in Chapter 14 whenever Princess Sally was discussing the mysterious explosion and Sonic's whereabouts with himself, Bunnie, Antoine, Sonia, Manic, and Ray. Rotor didn't say much, although he did mention he had no idea of the current events until Sonia pulled him from his garage to the quickly set-up meeting between the seven.

Scourge V. Knothole Village

Rotor later appeared in a non-speaking cameo during Chapter 21 whenever Alexis was testifying about Scourge during Alexis's cross-examination.

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