Sure, I sense Rose's prescence, but I can't see anything!
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Kana ローズ (Rōzu)
Type Human
Role Protaganist
Home World Desert Of Oblivion
Weapon Staff
Attribute Flowers
Status Alive
"I'd never thought you'd show your face. Saves me the trouble of finding you."
—Rose to Sephiroth


Rose is a 15 year old girl wandering the desert of her homeland searching for her lost memories. She won't take help from anyone, and is searching for Sephiroth, her old mentor. She is able to control nature and her weapon is a staff. She is headstrong and tends to act before she thinks.


Past life

Rose doesn't remember much of her past because of her mentor,Sephiroth who wiped her memories as a kid.

Joining Kingdom Come

She joined Kingdom Come in hopes of finding her sister Lilly. At first she wondered if they would help but they let her in with open arms. She found her sister very quickly. She was grateful to them and decided to join because she thought it would help her find the one who started all of this,Sephiroth. She puts her search and her sister above everything else which often lands the group in hot water.


"If I had a time for everytime i've wanted to change,then I'd be rich."

"If you give up here,then everything you've done will be for naught. Is that what you want?"

"If you knew what my goal is would we still be friends?"

"I don't mind getting my hands dirty."

Battle Quotes

Bring it on!(at the start of a battle)

Fire!(when using fire)

Wind!(using aero)

Heal!(using cure)

Don't mess with me(when winning)

Oh no(when losing)

You've gotta be kidding me!(when about to lose)


Very cold,impulsive,and,impatient. But is kind and caring,a side of her she rarely shares with others expect her sister Lilly. She also trust issues due to Sephiroth betraying her and tends to act before she thinks.


Rose has short red hair worn down. She wears a black jacket with a black tanktop underneath and jeans.

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