Rosa Klebb
Rosa Klebb
Origin From Russia With Love (1963)
Type Somebody
Role Villain
Home World James Bond Universe
Weapon Poison spiked shoe
Status Dead
Rosa Klebb was the main villain of From Russia With Love. She is SPECTRE agent no. 3


Rosa Klebb was called in by Ernst Stavro Blofeld (who's face was not seen, only his mouth sometimes and his hands petting his cat) along with Kronsteen to plan a scheme to embarrass the British government and avenge Dr. No. Klebb went to SPECTRE Island and recruited Donald Red Grant to carry out the deed. She then gave instructions to Tatiana Romanova in Istanbul about the plan and promises promotion if successful. As Donald Grant boards the Orient Express, Klebb looks as she feels things will go as planned, and Bond would die on the train. When Grant died, Kronsteen is executed and Klebb is given another chance. In Italy, Klebb poses as a maid and tries to take the Lektor from Sora and Bond but Tatiana stops her former boss and shoots Klebb down.

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