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Origin Kingdom Hearts: Shadows of the Past
Type Kage-Shin
Role soldier
Weapon Bladed hands
Attribute Earth

Rinzler is a Kage-Shin under the services of the Shadow Emperor. So far the only known Kage-Shin to have his form and weapon merge together.


Average height and built, clad in black pants, white shirt with a brown top with a hood over his head over it and a  jacket vest. His hands are black with long curved blades, radiate with black and red energy from the blades and arms


Rinzler is extremley competetive and can easily be taunted by Ryun over who is stronger but can be easily spooked by Atreena's fiery temper at him. Not very smart of leading a group of his own, his competitiveness and rivalry with other Kage-Shin, except for Valdrann often overshadows his rationality. Rinzler has the tendancy to gain power and determine to be stronger no matter what and usually leads to his arragonce to understanding the limits of his power, possibly part of his previous self's behaviour before his heart was consumed by the Heartless. 

Rinzler has a gag of having accidents with his large blade onto himself and others, usually forgetful of how long his blades are or at times forget they were even there. It was ironic for his reasons for having large claws is they make him more powerful and deadly, yet a danger to himsefl at times.



Unlike other known Kage-Shin, Rinzler's hands are fused with his weapons during the final stage of his evolution into large, razor sharp bladed talons.

Release Form


Rinzler has the powers of a heartless and nobody like all the other Kage-Shin, he can easily slice solid objects with a single slace by channeling his power into the blades. 


"So you're the famous Keyblade wielder Sora. Your quite the looker for the ladies. But not for long when I'm done making pieces of you."

  • Rinzler and Sora's first encounter.
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