Rinoa Heartilly
Rinoa Heartilly
Origin Final Fantasy VIII (2009)
Role Ally
Age 17
Home World Deling City; Timber
Family Fury Caraway (father)
Julia Heartilly (mother; deceased)
Weapon Blaster Edge
Status Alive

Rinoa Heartilly is a friend - and lover - of Leon. Years ago, after Radiant Garden fell to Maleficent, Rinoa met them when they were residing in her world for their own safety, and became a lover of Leon; she eventually became the only person who was able to make Leon reveal his feelings. After Radiant Garden's restoration - and the downfall of Organization XIII - Rinoa contacted Leon.

Journal Entries

First Entry

Rinoa Heartilly is a good friend of The Radiant Garden Restoration Committee - especially Leon - and seems to know Cloud and Tifa too. The name Sephiroth is also familiar to her. Years ago, when Radiant Garden first fell to Maleficent, Leon and the others all hid in Rinoa's world and Leon and Rinoa struck up a relationship. Three years later, Rinoa and the others had to flee from her world when it too, fell to Darkness; Rinoa went mising and Leon and the others ended up in Traverse Town. Now, Rinoa is reunited with her friends - and for her, it seems that no time has passed at all.

Second Entry

Years ago, Leon and the rest of the Radiant Garden Restoration Committee fled to Rinoa's world when Maleficent took over Radiant Garden. Three years later, they were forced to flee Rinoa's world and it was lost to Darkness. While Leon and the others ended up in Traverse Town, Rinoa did not, and her whereabouts for the last twelve years are unknown. Just where did she go?

Third Entry

The girlfriend of Leon, Rinoa has been missing for twelve years, but for her, no time has passed at all. Rinoa valiantly fights alongside her friends and boyfriend to save Radiant Garden from Maleficent's clutches. Armed with the Blaster Edge, Rinoa is very powerful in battle, and will do anything to protect Leon. Able to easily hold her own against the Heartless, she is a great help in the fight to save Radiant Garden.

Fourth Entry

Rinoa is the only person who is able to make Leon reveal his feelings, and is the only person to call him "Squall" without being told off. The girlfriend of Leon, she is will known by The Radiant Garden Restoration Committee and is friends with all of them and the Moogles seem to recognise her as well. Rinoa is armed with the Blaster Edge, and valiantly fights against the Heartless in order to save Radiant Garden. Having been asleep and having not aged for twelve years, her return is a great relief to Leon.

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