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Rinoa Heartilly
Origin Final Fantasy VIII
Alias RinRin
Type Mage
Role Neutral/ Court Magician
Age 21
Home World Hyrule
Weapon Staff/ Gunblade
Attribute Feathers
Status Alive

Rinoa Heartilly is a protagonist and the court magician from Hyrule in the story Kingdom Hearts: Foul Remembrance. She, Serah Farron, Rosa Joanna Farrell, and Lightning Farron are the Final Fantasy characters in that world.


She is usually wearing a navy blue magician's robe with small lines going through it, much like her original appearance, and a hat that matches, along with the addition of a lionheart symbol. On the back of the robes are the curly angel wings that are also on her original outfit. When she takes the robe off, she is wearing

gunblade tska finwheel



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