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Rinoa (DR).png
Kana リノア・ハーティリー
Romaji Rinoa Hātirī
Origin Final Fantasy VIII (1999)
Type Human
Role Heroine
Age 18-19
Gender Female
Alignment Toa Luminus
Home World Deling City
Other residences Timber
Family Fury Caraway (father)
Julia Heartilly (mother, deceased)
Weapon Blaster Edge, Magic Spells
Attribute Various
Status Alive
English Voice April Stewart (Bionic Fantasy)
Skyler Davenport (other appearances)
Japanese Voice Kotono Mitsuishi (Bionic Fantasy)
Kana Hanazawa (other appearances)

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Rinoa is a former member of a resistance group based in the small town of Timber, who became nominated the Toa Luminus of Love.


Rinoa has gotten much closer to Squall, and has a much easier time convincing him to do what's right. She wants to use her sorceress powers for the good of others, to prove that not all sorceresses are bad like Ultimecia. whom she hopes never to become like. Rinoa also appreciates Nuju and Matau's company, taking the latter's jokes with good stride.


  • Rinoa is the only Final Fantasy character in Bionic Fantasy to have her english and japanese voice actresses recast, mostly because GokaiWhite started writing the story before Skyler Davenport was chosen to voice her as of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.
    • Her seiyuu in Bionic Fantasy is the only one out of the Toa Luminus who was not involved in the staff behind Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.