"You can't let darkness choose for you. If you do, you'll be paying your very life for it". ---Riku speaking to Sasuke Uchiha

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Kana リク
Origin Kingdom Hearts
Original Name Riku
Alias The King of Darkness
Type Human
Role Main Protagonist, Keyblader
Age 17
Home World Destiny Islands
Family Unknown Family
Weapon Keyblade: Way to the Dawn
Attribute Darkness
Status Alive
Riku is one of the main protagonists in Kingdom Hearts: Generations. He helps Sora (KHG), Kairi (KHG), & Dracule D. Dario because Master Yen-Sid had sent them to protect 10 new worlds from the new Organization XIII (KHG) and find new Keybladers that will help him, Sora, and the others.


In Riku's appearance, there appears to be a white band on his left wrist, which is most likely an injury due to the strike to that particular wrist dealt by Roxas during their fight at the Memory Skyscraper in 358/2 Days. He has a black zip-up tank-top and a white and yellow vest over it, his pants are a pair of baggy blue denim jeans held up by a black belt covered with square spike studs, and his feet down to a more normal size with a simple pair of sneakers.

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