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Sure, I sense Riixo's prescence, but I can't see anything!
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Nobody PC
Kana リークソ (Riikuso)
Number IV
Title The Melodious Machinator
Weapon Sitar; Cards
Attribute Water; Time
Original name Iori Nakanishi
Original PC Sakubo
Battle Theme The 13th Dilemma

Riixo, the Melodious Machinator (しらべな陰謀を企てる, Shirabe Na Inbō O Kuwadateru), is the Nobody PC of Sakubo and is rank IV among them. He uses his sitar and cards to control Water and Time.


Sakubo was infected with AIDA (controlled by the Saku personality at the time) while waiting for Endrance's awakening from the bottom of Indieglut Lugh. She was defeated by Haseo, yielding the birth of Riixo, the third Nobody PC.


Surprisingly, Riixo takes a male form, despite the Sakubo PC being contolled by Saku at the time of the infection. He is roughly Roxas' height. His hair has turned almost platinum blond, trimmed incredibly short which, along with his moon-shaped earring and green eyes, mimicks Luxord's appearance. He wears the standard Organization XIII Black Coat, with pointed shoulders similar to Demyx's.


Riixo acts quite child-like, much like Demyx, and treats most situations as a game, taking after Luxord.

Fighting Style

Having been taught by the Luxord and Demyx data replicas, Riixo can wield a sitar and cards, as well as use Time and Water as elements.


  • "It's my turn to play!"
  • "Aah! He's scaring me, Master!"
  • "There's no way a regular turn takes this long."
  • "Drop the act. I know you're bluffing. Just move aside, and I won't bawl my eyes out, thereby attracting the attention of EVERYONE HERE!"
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