Role Knight
Home World The World That Never Was
Weapon Halberd
Attribute Lightning and Time
"Unite the people and they will become your power"


Rhapsody is a valiant knight hailing from The World That Never Was. Wielding a hefty halberd, he hunts down Nobodies, believing that their existence threatens any world they come into contact with. Possessing nobility, honesty, and generosity befitting of a knight, this only seems to be somewhat of a mask when faced with a Nobody, during which his true aggression comes out.

Rhapsody is even more fiercely devoted to his friends than Kia, and will almost take a friend's request without a second thought. This could be a fault of his, causing him to be somewhat rash. As far as overall communication goes, he is a man of a few words. However, when Rhapsody opens his mouth, it seems to be something rather important.


Rhapsody dresses himself in a long black coat and a black helmet, similar to that of Terra's and Ventus's, which covers his face. He is easily mistaken for a member of Organization XIII because of this. His physical appearance isn't made clear, but it appears to be of fine build. He wears a pair of belts that cross at the hip area, and wears a pear of shoes with zippers in the middle, similar to Squall Leonhart's. His only visible physical trait is his long, spiky hair. On the left side of his back is a black-feathered wing, similar to that of a demon which hints at some bestial nature.


Main article: Rhapsody/Abilities

Rhapsody is depicted as a warrior, possessing excellent speed and strength. He wields a large, powerful halberd known as Tempest, which possess a hollow, triangular-shaped blade, consisting of only edges and no core. Despite its size and weight, he has no problem wielding it whatsoever. His overall, basic fighting style is similar to that of Roxas's, overlooking defensive measures in favor of attack and speed. His strength is comparable to that of a beast, his blows so forceful that they can potentially smash targets into the ground when unrestrained. He primarily favors thrusting and horizontal attacks to push opponents away, whilst using vertical ones for more lethal results. Each strike is backed up with the Thunder element, leaving behind sparks when his blade collides. As a result of his Time element, his speed is enhanced, up to the point of leaving after-images in his wake. Despite these advantages, Rhapsody has the glaring weakness of lacking any sort of defense. This is most evident in the flaw of his Tempest weapon, which leaves him open to many melee and magic attacks.

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