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Rez Clearheart
Rez concept
Type Nobody
Role Protagonist in Coalition Chronicles
Age 19
Home World unknown
Weapon crossbow - "Zero Arc"
Attribute Barrier
Status Alive

Rez Clearheart is a protagonist and Nobody in Kingdom Hearts Legacy. A trained assassin with a stand-alone personality, at age 19 Rez is one of the oldest protagonists in KH Legacy. After meeeting Xelak, Rez reluctantly agreed to help found the Deathhead Coalition, but refused a second-in-command position.



Meeting Xelak Neverowle


The War on Kami

Evolution Arc

Clone Crisis Arc

The Madman Arc

Defeating the Assassins Arc

Rez - Dead??

Xelak and Rez - The Afterword



As far as fraternity, friendship, and close bonds go, Rez is sorely lacking, due to the environment he grew up in. However, kickin' it with Xelak has, albiet slowly, shown him that such things can actually strengthen a person. In the end, though, Rez often claims that his showing such emotions or qualities is simply due to a desire to complete the mission. He often hides kindness behind a supposed need for his comrades to survive in order to succeed, but had seemed to take an almost paternal interest in Spectre, seeing himself in the young Nobody. In his official artwork it is also revealed that he smokes.


Besides his own unique powers, most of Rez's abilities have to do with agility or manurverablility, and he has displayed powers such as Glide, Air Slide, Aerial Recovery, and Dodge Roll.

Guard Plus: A unique ability, Rez uses his Barrier element to create a body-sized shield in front of him that blacks all attacks for one turn per enemy. However, he cannot attack the first turn, and it does not block magic or special abilities (such as limit breaks) MP Cost: 10

Refleja: A unique magic. Rez blocks all attacks, spells, limit breaks, and special abilities for five turns. He cannot attack the first turn. MP Cost: 20

Barrier Spear: Rez creates a spear out of Barrier and hurls it at an enemy. Must have cast Guard Plus first, and can only be used while Guard Plus is in effect. Damage: 15 + Light elemental MP Cost: 8

Barrier Gatling: Rez creates several dozen tiny spears out of Barrier element and fires it at an enemy. Must have cast Guard Plus first, and can only be used while Guard Plus is in effect. Damage: 20 + Light elemental MP Cost: 10


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