• Blizzard, Blizzara, Blizzaga

MP Cost: 5, 12, 20
Description: deals increasing amounts of ice damage.

  • Stop, Stopra, Stopga

MP Cost: 10, 20, 30
Description: freezes enemies in place for varying amounts of time. Stronger spells affect a wider area.

  • Tsunami

MP Cost: 30
Description: large water-elemental area attack, damages all enemies in the user's line of sight.

  • Aqualung

MP Cost: 40
Description: omnidirectional water-elemental area attack, a bit weaker than Tsunami.

  • Cure, Cura, Curaga

MP Cost: 5, 25, 50% max MP
Description: heals varying amounts of HP.

Other Abilities

  • Storm Surge

AP Cost: 4
MP Cost: 50
Description: like a water version of Sonic Blade, Reyxfa’s lance turns into the claymore (like Saix’s), and she uppercuts the opponent with it. From there, she can chain an additional four to five hits, before a finishing stab with the spear.

  • Butterfly Effect

AP Cost: 5
MP Cost: 80
Description: a time version of Ragnarok, Reyxfa’s weapon alternates between its lance and claymore forms, allowing her to rapidly change between stabbing and hammering away at her enemies.

  • Chaos Theory

Description: the finisher to Butterfly Effect is a massive, unidirectional energy blast that inflicts ½ the max HP of an enemy for damage. (Ex: a shadow has 46 HP, so Chaos Theory will ALWAYS inflict 23 damage, regardless of the current HP—even if the Shadow only has 1 HP left, Chaos Theory will still inflict 23 damage to it.)

  • Dive Stab

AP Cost: 1
MP Cost: 10
Description: Reyxfa teleports into the air before rushing down and impaling an enemy with her spear. Costs 20% max MP.

  • Dive Slam

AP Cost: 2
MP Cost: 10
Description: basically a claymore version of “Dive Stab”. Inflicts on 2/3 as much damge, but creates a shockwave, resulting in greater accuracy and area of effect.

Support Abilites

  • Jackpot

AP Cost: 4
Description: defeated enemies drop more HP/MP orbs.

  • Lucky Lucky

AP Cost: 5
Description: higher chance of defeated enemies dropping items.

  • Draw (x3)
  • Combo Plus (x2)
  • Air Combo Plus (x2)
  • Finishing Plus
  • Second Chance
  • Once More
  • MP Hastega
  • MP Rage (x2)
  • Blizzard Boost
  • Water Boost
  • Stop Boost (makes Stop Magic have a longer duration)
  • Magic Lock-On
  • Leaf Bracer

Other Abilities

  • Guard Break
  • Brave Shot
  • Aerial Spiral
  • Aerial Finish
  • Aerial Sweep
  • Rising Uppercut
  • Blitz (three claymore hits, each at half-strength)
  • Limit Break (when in critical health, add MP Rage(x4), Air Combo Plus (x5), Combo Plus (x5), +5 Strength/Defense, Regen)
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