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Sure, I sense Rexkei's prescence, but I can't see anything!
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Original Name Rekei
Type Nobody
Role Antagonist
Weapon Aura
Status Alive
"Sigh. You never give up do you? Are you this desperate about killing me?Do you hate me for what I did to your precious little friend?"
—Rexkei to Shadow

Rexkei is a sadistic nobody wandering the Desert of Oblivion. She cares about no one but herself and will manipulate people to achieve her goal.


"Don't be stupid. I don't care about her. I don't care about anyone but me."

"Are you trying to pick a fight?"

"What?I never liked her. That was just a sharade."

Battle Quotes

"Aura of deception strikes again!(when winning) "

"I never said this would be easy for you.(when activing her limit Aura Wave) "

"I...can' losing)"

"No! How could I lose to the likes of you!(when losing to a member of Kingdom Come or Shadow)"