Reptillus Maximus
Reptillus Maximus
Kana ?
Romaji ?
Japanese ?
Origin Toy Story: That Time Forgot
Original Name Reptillus Maximus
Type Anthropomorphic Tyrranosaurus?
Role Ally/Supporting Character
Age ?
Gender Male
Alignment Bad-To-Neutral-To-Good
Home World Cave Realm of Battlesaurs
Other residences Crystal Moon Sanctuary
Family None
Weapon None
English Voice Kevin McKidd
Japanese Voice ?
Reptillus Maximus is the character from Toy Story: That Time Forgot. In KH: ITHOTCR, His archnemesis is Lotso Bear where he is responsible for summoning and creating the most, purely, eternally evil Evil Toy Panda in attempt to destroy and devour Kingdom Hearts Worlds.


He first started as an antagonist (this is because he got brainwashed by Kefka OR Garland) where Fulmen and his team tresspass the zone of the Battlesaurs. Later, Fulmen does his skirmish with R.M., later the dinosaur-man apologizes to Fulmen and the gang.

Later when Sorceress Ultimecia and Maleficent start a universal time distortion-compression, R.M. find out why he forces his citizens to escape but Umbrae fights alongside him while she and her gang split up to distract Lady Xehanort.

Story (KH: JTTCR)

Same as ITHOTCR, but it's radically a spiritual remake as RM watches a Crimson Valkyrie commercial, akin to Verum Rex, and also Vertita Regina Angela Stella. He says a word, Chizora and Akazora, meaning Red Sky and Earth Sky. He is also a playable party member alongside Jessie. Team attack consists lasso though from Jessie and Battlesaurs...

For the first time as Lumene crosses the entrance, Maximus does his skirmish alongside with Battlesaurs being possessed by Heartless against her and her allies. Umbrae stops him from fighting. Jessie admits that Woody and Buzz are kidnapped once more. They will tell Julia (Barbie parody)... to see what happened next. His weapon is Crmson Spikes, a heavy mace. His role is melee attacker, much like Goofy, Marshmallow, Phoebus and such.

In the next KH unknown fangame after Lumene & Fulmen, Reptillus goes back in time where Gabby Gabby gets brainwashed by Lotso Bear. Later and fortunarely, Lumene and Dia help him snap Gabby Gabby out of Lotso Bear's evil tyranny.

Journal Entry(ies)


The bestial gladiator in the Arena of Woe making his challenge against his opponents, although he is the highest ranked gladiator and he is alongside the Battlesaurs. He joins the fray with Lumene and Umbrae, along with his sidekick Jessie.


  • In KH3, Reptillus Maximus is displayed as the giant figure in Beasts toy shop.


  • To Lotso Bear: You are nothing but traitor to all of us! You lied!
  • In intro: Look! It's Crimson Valkyrie, Jessie. It's Chizora and Akazora. It's a girl that looks like Lumene! (watches Crimson Valkyrie TV commercial)
  • From Lumene: Well, you've got a warrior spirit, at least.
  • To Lotso: Lotso! What have you done? You were consumed into eternal darkness!
  • From Lumene (after Lotso is consumned by eternal darkness): That's a truly evil toy panda. We will get rid of remorseless toy without trace of humanity. (says with righteous wrath and vengeance for justice)

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