Reptillus Maximus
Reptillus Maximus
Kana ?
Romaji ?
Japanese ?
Origin Toy Story: That Time Forgot
Original Name Reptillus Maximus
Type Anthropomorphic Tyrranosaurus?
Role Ally/Supporting Character
Age ?
Gender Male
Alignment Bad-To-Neutral-To-Good
Home World Cave Realm of Battlesaurs
Other residences Crystal Moon Sanctuary
Family None
Weapon None
English Voice Kevin McKidd
Japanese Voice ?

Reptillus Maximus is the character from Toy Story: That Time Forgot. In KH: ITHOTCR, His archnemesis is Lotso Bear where he is responsible for summoning and creating the most, purely, eternally evil Evil Toy Panda in attempt to destroy and devour Kingdom Hearts Worlds.

Story (KH: ITHOTCR)Edit

He first started as an antagonist (this is because he got brainwashed by Kefka OR Garland) where Fulmen and his team tresspass the zone of the Battlesaurs. Later, Fulmen does his skirmish with R.M., later the dinosaur-man apologizes to Fulmen and the gang.

Later when Sorceress Ultimecia and Maleficent start a universal time distortion-compression, R.M. find out why he forces his citizens to escape but Umbrae fights alongside him while she and her gang split up to distract Lady Xehanort.

Later, he is allied with Yeul so she will find the battlesaur citizens to safety before they turn into twisted creatures of Heartless.

In Cite Cloches, he fights alongside Phoebus, Lenneth and Auriel to deal with armies of Kefka's Heartless where Lumena accidentally summons him.

Journal Entry(ies)Edit

Fulmen, Sanguia, Umbrae, Tempus, LumenaEdit

The bestial gladiator in the Arena of Woe making his challenge against his opponents, although he is the highest ranked gladiator and he is alongside the Battlesaurs.


  • To Lotso Bear: You are nothing but traitor to all of us! You lied!
  • To Paddra Yeul: You look adorably sweet but you are special.
  • To New Generation Keyblade Warriors: Show me your test of arena!
  • To Queen Elinor: I'm sorry to interrupt you, Your Majesty. Battlesaurs are welcome to protect you and your family and I am at your side in the future (I). So long, my Queen, me and Battlesaurs have to move out. (Farewell)
  • From Hardscrabble: Looks like the world and time has been distorted and compressed.
  • From Fulmen: Who are you? Let me fight for you!