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Emperor Gor.png
Kana ゴル
Romaji Goru
Origin Getter Robo (1974)
Getter Robo Armageddon (1998)
Alias Gore
Type Saurian
Role Antagonist
Gender Male
Alignment Saurian Empire
Weapon Claws
Status Revived
English Voice Steven Blum
Japanese Voice Koji Ishii

Gor is a Saurian Monarch who becomes involved in the Getterborn Riots. He is also leading a cult of similar reptile-based lifeforms that worship a now deceased Great Dragon King of old.


Gor stands at least 6 feet high with a reptilian body, a cobra-like flap on his head, two-pronged toes with clawed heels, and wears a long cape with a ruffled top.


Gor is highly prideful in his belief that Dinosaurs and Saurians are superior to humans and should be the dominant species of the universe, and also strongly devoted to the idea of natural selection. He fiercely despises the Getter Rays for what they did to his kind, and his cult is also said to be at war with Burai and his Demon Clansmen.


Gor is first alluded to by a Saurian named Greyton, who is somehow led to blames Sora for the Getterborn Riots. He and the rest of the Saurians first make themselves known to the Gummi Team at Paradise Falls.


  • "Greyton! Your uninvited presence here had best mean the Keyblade Warrior is taken care of!"
  • "Cantankerous mallard! You would do well to mind your tongue in the presence of a Saurian Elite!" - to Donald
  • "All glory to DracoRex!!" - pre-battle quote
  • "The Great Darwin is the only one of your kind I could ever respect, for at least he knew the laws of Natural Selection better than any of you monkeys ever could!"
  • "How dare you demonize the Great DracoRex, our god, when in truth you humans are the true problems and villains of your very own species!"


  • His interactions with Donald seem to pay homage to the Disney animated series Mighty Ducks, where the good guys were ducks and the bad guys were dinosaurs and other lizards.
  • Gor has the same english and japanese voices as Ba'Gamnan in Final Fantasy XII.
  • The reason he has Hayato's english voice actor and Burai has Ryoma's is due to the fact that their Armageddon counterparts were bio engineered with Ryoma and Hayato's DNA.
  • Despite being the same version from Getter Robo Armageddon's continuity, Gor's appearance in Getterborn Rising is much closer to his counterparts in the classic manga and Getter Robo Daikessen.
  • The name of his species (at least in the english version of Getterborn Rising) is the same as the Saurians in the Mortal Kombat series, and Gor himself is voiced by the same person as the most well known Saurian, Reptile, a.k.a. Syzoth(in Mortal Kombat X).
  • GokaiWhite has yet to clarify if the DracoRex Gor and his followers worship is Bahamut, Shinryu, or some other like-minded dragon. But given Gor's claims that the Dragon King he supposedly worships despised humanity so much(probably because of the Getter finding favor in them), he sought to forsake his own mortality to be a feared and respected deity, it's more likely to be Bahamut[1].