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Kana リード
Original Name Reid
Type Nobody
Role Hero
Home World Unknown
Weapon Various
Attribute Depends
Status Alive

Reid, the Memory of Emotion (リードKanjō no kioku, lit. Emotional Memory) is the main charcter of Organization XIII's Backup. His rank is XIII in the New Organization XIII. Reid is able to use an eliminated member's powers. Because the member's main desire is to have a heart, Reid is able to see another's current emotion. He is able to use all of the fallen member's weapon.


Reid was found by Saix, when he had already absorbed Larxenxe and Vexen. Saix found his power, when he absorbed Lexaeus. Saix introduced him to Xemnas, but having three souls wasn't enough for him to live correctly. After Reid received Marluxia's soul, he was able to function correctly, but he needed more training to get used to using others' power. Xemnas decided to send him to Land of Qualification.


Because he is a nobody, he cannot feel. He is thought the closest person to have emotion, because he understands it the most.

Fighting Style

Reid is able to use many types of weapons. His battle style adapts to the weapon he's using (speed type with the Foudre, power type with the Skysplitter)

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