Rego Tenebris
Origin Kingdom Hearts 4
Type Human
Role General of Master Xehanort's forces
United Republics Marine Corps Colonel(Former)
Age Immortal (Appears 39)
Home World Unknown
Weapon Devil's Key
Status Deceased
Rego Tenebris is Master Xehanort's former second in command and the main antagonist of Kingdom Hearts 4. He posed as a United Republics Marine Corps Colonel to unlock the door to darkness and realease the heartless. He is voiced by Christian Bale.


Rego wears a black gothic furcoat with a hood and is 6'3". His facical features resemble Christian Bale.


Rego is a megalomaniacal individual. There was a time Rego was once loyal to Xehanort, but later came to think that his master was weak due to the fact he gave him the power of eternal life instead of keeping it for himself. Rego believes selfishness and amorality is what humanity is all about and feels that lighthearted emotions, such as compassion and forgiveness go against human nature. Despite his inner disdain for Master Xeharnort, he respected his Nobody (Xemnes) and his Heartless (Ansem) due to the fact they held their immortality in high regard.


  • Rego is considered a cross between Sephiroth and Albert Wesker, the main antagonist of Resident Evil.
  • He replaces Xeharnort as the series's primary antagonist.

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