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Regis S. Urchin
Type Human
Role Apprentice of the Order of the Key
Age 16
Home World Radiant Garden (native to Enchanted Dominion)
Weapon "Soul Eater" Keyblade
Attribute Dark/Fire

Regis S. Urchin is a character in Kingdom Hearts: Enigma Pacman who was sent to be trained by the Order of the Key at the age of 15 by his royal parents, who don't seem to be particularly interested in him. He harbours deep hatred for anything that moves and this has awakened the powers of Darkness in him. He uses it in his Magic Drive "Anti-Form" in conjunction with his Fire magic to pulverize Primal Fears.


Regis was born in Enchanted Dominion as a prince of the world. When he discovered his ability to use a Keyblade and told his parents, they sent him to Radiant Gardens to become a Keyblade Apprentice, who would help free the worlds from the newly emerged threat of the Primal Fears. During his training, he discovered his dark powers, which he kept a secret from Omicron and Lectus, the teachers. He did never get along with the others very well, but he shows some concern for his partner, Riulo. Recently, he has had strange nightmares about a giant door and a man in a red leather coat with a rapier.


Guard: Block and reflect attacks.

Dark Counterguard: Repels attacks with the force of darkness.

Overpower: Initiates a combo after using Dark Counterguard.

Vulcan Uppercut: Regis performs a rising arc that knocks the foe up into the air.

Dark Barrage: Regis finishes a combo by hurling his keyblade at enemies.

Dodge Leap: Regis jumps back to evade attacks.

Negative Combo: Decreases the number of hits in a combo.

Sinister Aura (Limit): Regis repeatedly teleports behind an enemy and slashes it, then finishes with an energy wave that stuns all enemies.

Anti-Drive Abilities:

Shadow Leap: Regis leaps forward and homes in on an enemy.

Claw Hit: Regis hits and scratches the enemy with his claws, inflicts fire and darkness damage.

Breakdance: Finishes a combo with a flurry of burning kicks while spinning on his arms. Inflicts fire damage.

Healing Blocker: Regis cannot heal with Potions or Elixirs.


"FLY!" (Vulcan Uppercut)

"No you don't!" (Guard)

"Imbecile!" (Dark Counterguard)

"Take THAT!" (Dark Barrage)

"No way!" (Dodge Leap)

"Feel the darkness!" (Sinister Aura)

"SILENCE!" (Limit finisher)

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